Pressotherapy stimulates the body’s lymphatic system to reduce the appearance of cellulite, water retention and improve circulation. An air pressure machine dispenses pressure on different areas of the body to unblock the lymphatic system in order to achieve a smoother appearance and improve blood circulation. Afterwards, these applicators are inflated from the extremities, feet and hands. At the beginning of the session, the operator manually unblocks the collection centres of the lymphatic system.

Price €20,00

Pressotherapy with cold bandage

Pressotherapy acts on liquids (blood and lymph) improving their recycling and drainage. The main benefit of this treatment is to avoid stagnation of liquids, working on lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, with beneficial effects on swelling and cellulite. Pressure therapy is also useful to help the body purify and detoxify itself and to reduce specific inflammatory processes. However, it is recommended to combine pressure therapy treatments with a cycle of bandages to improve the “deflating” effect, especially in the summer season. The bandages are applied to the legs using gauze or stockings which are soaked in substances with targeted active ingredients according to need; these substances are absorbed by the skin and promote a massive drainage action.

Price € 30,00

Pressotherapy with 30-minute massagge

The 30-minute pressure-therapy session with massage offers targeted action to prevent fluid stagnation in the body. The addition of targeted massage for 30 minutes enhances the benefits, relaxing the muscles, improving circulation and promoting the drainage of excess fluid. This combination offers immediate relief, improves the water balance and promotes toned, healthy skin.

Price € 45,00

Tanning sun bed

The Iso Italia sunbed features two solar groups, each with 20 low-pressure neon tubes. In the upper part, 3 high-pressure UV-A lamps tan the face and décolleté. The strategic arrangement of tubes and lamps, the general setting of the solarium oriented towards absolute comfort and, finally, the technological devices capable of preventing any risk factor, are the identity card of an efficient, comfortable, safe and unique bed.


Sun bed for face and body € 10.00
Facial sunbed € 6.00
Body sunbed € 8.00

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